Westrup CC 125-380 T/H Pre-Cleaner

The CC high capacity modular cleaner is a very versatile cleaner applicable for many high capacity cleaning purpose.


The machine excels at precision cleaning of a large variety of seed and grain as well at pre-cleaning, fine cleaning, and sizing when very high efficiency standards are required. For capacity and all other specific information see the back page.

The modular cleaner offers the below features:

  • Feeding section model A2 in construction with ribbed feed roll.
  • Aspiration chamber model C2 with 3 air valves with servo motors, remote control, and two screw conveyors.
  • Final aspiration channel model D10 with fixed depth and inspection window.
  • Screen section model E60 / E62 consisting of one sieveboat or E50 / E52 consisting of two sieveboats; available with fixed or double flow set-up.
  • Each sieveboat contains 4 quick change screen layers.
  • Screen section enclosed with doors.
  • Drive and motors.

The machine is of steel construction with sieveboat(s) of laminated wood.


  • Final aspiration channel with variable depth
  • Illumination in final aspiration
  • Interlock screen system

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