Terminator by Paraclipse, Fly Control system, 251350


Dual-sided, large capacity fly and insect control that is proven to be
highly effective for high density insect areas.
No pesticides or insecticides.

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The Terminator is a patented, long lasting, highly effective fly control system that covers approximately 10,000 sq. ft. This unit also utilizes UV light and an exclusive auto-advancing glue cartridge to capture more insects. The Terminator™ is a commercial/industrial unit that is dual-sided and can be mounted in 3 different positions for optimum effectiveness. Available in both painted aluminum and stainless steel, these units are perfect for larger areas including receiving areas, large kitchens, barns, veterinary clinics, supermarkets, warehouses, hospitals, etc. The Terminator’s™ high volume, 60-day cartridge system traps 20 times more insects than a standard glue board. 120 volt Also available in a Stainless Steel Version

Component pricing

Replacement Cartridge: #73892 (12 pack) $307.14 | #73891 (4 pack) $117.14
Replacement Bulb: #72917 (2 pack) $55.71 | #72918 (2 pack Shatterproof) $90.71

Additional information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions23 × 10 × 8.5 in