Even Mix Air Motor & Blade


The Even Mix™ Air Motor coupled with a folding variable pitch blade that fits into a tote 6” bung opening and then unfolds to form the most efficient 16” blade on the market. It comes with a lid to mount to your IBC.

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With the Even Mix™ mixed flow blade utilized as a part of the tote mixer’s design, you’ll see liquids undergo vertical mixing like they never have before. Because of the patented technology we use for the IBC tote mixer, the contents of the intermediate bulk container will be evenly mixed. Why is that? Our mixed flow blade that has been designed for mixing everything from food to chemicals and it reflects NASA based engineering for optimum performance while mixing.  Yes, it is rocket science!

As this is the industry’s only mixed flow blade, whatever liquids require vertical mixing, you’ll have a blade that can fold into open and closed positions for optimum levels of mixing. We proudly manufacture all of our mixing pieces — including the mixed flow blade and the air motor — in the United States. Not only will the Even Mix™ tote mixer blow competitors’ comparable tools out of the water, you’ll want to “tote” this mixing blade with you everywhere.


  • Air Powered
  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • 16 CFM & 180 RPM


  • Weight – 7 lbs
  • Height – 14″
  • Width – 2.5″


  • Lightweight – Only 7 lbs
  • Powerful – 70 NM (52 Foot Pounds) Torque
  • Reliable – Made in the USA
  • Efficient – Uses only 16 CFM @ 90 psi (industry standard is 30 CFM)
  • Built to couple with a PT132000-SS (IBC mixer) or A55128500SS (55 Gallon Mixer)
  • Comes with lid to mount on IBC
  • Lightweight – 9 lbs. with air motor
  • Superior mixing – mixes vertically and horizontally
  • Powerful – Tested up to 50,000 cps
  • Non-reactive – made of 316 stainless steel

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Drive Unit, Mixer

Motor HP

1/2 HP


16 CFM & 180 RPM