Westrup AS 25-38 T/H Pre-Cleaner

The AS precleaner is designed to be used mainly in grain store applications where it is desirable to preclean the incoming grain.


The AS pre-cleaner offers the below features:

  • Integrated inlet section with weight loaded valve (AS-1000) or with feed roll and weight loaded valve (AS-1500).
  • Aspiration chamber with integrated screw with external outlet for removed product on the righthand side of the machine.
  • Screen section consisting of two sieveboats with screen change from either side of the machine.
  • Upper sieveboat with 2 scalping screen layers with 9° inclination.
  • Lower sieveboat with 2 sand screen layers with 11° inclination.
  • In total 4 screen segments with standard perforations above 2 mm; all screen segments with rubber ball cleaning.
  • Prime product outlet placed under the machine for the entire width of the sieveboat.
  • Fixed drive of sieveboats and screw.

The machine is of steel construction with sieveboat of laminated wood.


  • Inlet hopper
  • Feed roll for AS – 1000
  • Adaptive aspiration control system (AAC)
  • Fan with moto

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