APX Hybrid 110 Volt DEF Tote Pump Kit w/ Hose Reel – DEFTOTE-110VHYBZ-APX


Tote plate kit for pumping DEF. Comes with hybrid poly/stainless steel auto shutoff nozzle, 110 volt pump, 50′ hose reel, and 4 pin poly dispense coupler.

Pump comes with coupler that will attach onto a 4 pin DEF container valve with dip tube on the tote, drum or tank.  This 4 PIN container valve and dip tube is sold separately and not included with pump kit.

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Pump: APX 110 Volt self-priming diaphragm DEF Pump. This pump is rated for 8-9GPM and comes with a 2 year warranty. Comes with a 7 minute timer and 3/4″ hose barbs for inlet/outlet.
Nozzle: Auto shut-off nozzle designed for dispensing DEF. Auto shut off when the tank is full. Lower cost, premium stainless steel spout with poly body. Includes stainless steel. Barbed swivel to attach hose.
Hose: PE60 def hose is a light weight hose for dispensing pump applications. Designed specifically for DEF, this flexible & abrasion resistant hose has been tested and certified ISO-22241. Tube is made of a specially formulated PU and has a synthetic yarn reinforcement. The hose cover is a specially blended TPR. Hose has a max working pressure of 210.
Hose Reel: The heavy duty stainless steel hose reel is 14.4″ wide, 23″ deep, and 23.2″ tall. Comes with a 3/4″ female NPT inlet.

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110 Volt

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