FlowZone 4 Gal Typhoon 2.5 Backpack Sprayer, FZVAAK-2.5


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FlowZone 4 Gal Typhoon 2 Backpack Sprayer, FZVAAK-2.5 Variable Pressure

Battery and rapid charger included

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FarmChem is Proud to introduce the Newest update to FlowZone sprayers! The Typhoon 2.5  features a new, industry-leading pressure control, with a range of 7 to 115 psi. The adjustable variable speed dial allows you to easily control the flow rate of your sprayer based on your project’s needs.

When spraying on low pressure, one full battery charge can now last up to 2 hours! At the highest pressure, the Typhoon 2.5V has a total output of up to 110 gallons.

Other improvements include:

  • ultra-thick backpack straps for extended comfort
  • stainless-steel clips that firmly attach straps to sprayer tank
  • an added layer of foam back padding
  • ergonomic lid handle for easy pickup
  • additional loops to attach backpack straps for big & tall individuals
  • fully sealed battery cover that clicks in for added water resistance
  • front-facing battery indicator lights
  • a redesigned holster to snugly hold wand in place
  • a screw-on hose cap keeping water and debris out of the tank
Spray TimeUp to 2 Hours
Spray Distance>30 Feet
Variable Pressure7 to 115 psi
Lithium-ion Battery18V 5.2Ah
Flow Rate0.12 to 1.12 gpm
Pump TypeHeavy Duty Diaphragm
Charge Time~1.0 hours

Additional information

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions14 × 9.5 × 22 in

Flow Zone

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