Westrup GP 10-18 T/H Grader

The GP modular grader is a very compact machine ensuring an accurate sizing in 4 fractions of a large variety of products in one operation.



  • Feeding section with feed roll and gate with spring.
  • Pre-aspiration channel with fixed depth.
  • Screen section consisting of two sieveboats with screens with fixed 6o screen inclination.
  • Upper sieveboat with 3 screen layers for grading in two fractions (large size and small size).
  • Two parallel transport plates from upper to lower sieveboat; one for large size product and one for small size product.
  • Lower sieveboat with 6 screen layers; upper 3 screen layers for grading in two large size fractions and lower 3 screen layers for grading in two small size fractions.
  • All screens with quick-change system.
  • Four outlets in the bottom of the machine; each outlet with integrated manually adjustable dust aspiration with 4 spouts on top of the machine for connection to an external aspiration system (customer delivery).
  • Fixed drive and motors.
  • Motors with PTC sensor prepared for frequency converter.

The machine is of steel construction with sieveboat of laminated wood.


  • Vibrator feeder
  • Variable drive with frequency converter
  • Screen section enclosed with doors
  • Screen inclination of 4°
  • Interlock screen system
  • Screens with tumbling plates
  • Adaptive aspiration control system (AAC)
  • Intelligent screen management system (ISM)

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