Westrup H-500 1-4 T/H Indented Cylinder

The H – 500 indented cylinder in modular construction offers the possibility of building more units together to meet specific grading and capacity requirement.

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The H-500 indented cylinder handles separation of short product, separation of long product, or separation of short+long products according to the cylinder combination.


  • Inlet.
  • Inner trough, which is manually adjustable from the outside, with transport screw.
  • Exchangeable mantle.
  • Outlet for long fraction and outlet for short fraction at the outlet end of the machine.
  • Holes for manual sampling.
  • Safety and access cover.
  • Prepared for connection of external aspiration.
  • Drive and motor.

The machine is of steel construction.


  • Mantle, case – hardened or teflon coated inside
  • Frequency controlled rpm
  • Outlet brake system (long separation)
  • Spreading plate after the inlet (short separation)
  • Vibrating tray (instead of trough with screw – ONLY for H – 500 x 1000)
  • In 1 over 1 or 1 over 2 set – up

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