NoroGard K7 Continuous Seed Treater

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The continuous seed treater is designed for small and mid-sized seed production plants and performs at a capacity of 3-7 tons/hour. The treater is applying liquids and powders with high accuracy and quality and requires little maintenance.

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NoroGard K7 Continuous Seed Treater is a reliable and easily operated treater and holds a capacity of 3-7 tons per hour. It is designed for small and medium sized seed plants for production of volume seeds such as wheat, barley, rye and soybeans. Also with a dosing rate of 100ml to 2,4 liters per 100kg of seed.

The K7 model holds a small PLC to program the volume weight of your seed, statistics to inform how much you have treated, and you can program the K7 to stop at treated seed volume limit.

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