KSi Model 1612 Bin Fill Conveyor w/Swingaway

Built to meet the material handling needs of high-value seed, grain and other commodities, the KSi Model 1612 Bin Fill Conveyor features KSi’s patented, cleated belt in the main conveyor tube and a convenient, attached Swingaway inlet hopper that tows on the side during transport.

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  • Maintains 4,500 bu/hr at steep angles (up to 40deg) with greater capacities at lower angles
  • 60′, 72′ and 82′ lengths (82′ model has truss structure for more “reach”)
  • 52′ Discharge height
  • 40-degree incline capabilities
  • 16″ Swingaway Crescent Belt, 16″ Patented Cleated Belt with 5″ spacing, 12″ Tube
  • Inline or Side PTO or Electric drive options
  • Swingaway
    – Hydraulic drive
    – Tows in a bracket alongside the Incline Conveyor during road transport
    – Lowers and rotates into position under hydraulic power for semi hopper unloading

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