KSi AutoLiquid

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KSi AutoLiquid is a recipe based control system that makes treating seed by mg AI/seed or oz/unit possible without investing in an entirely new system. AutoLiquid is a plug and play solution that integrates with KSi liquid stands (either flow meter or loss-in-weight) to allow you to treat from up to 15 separate liquid products (either from a slurry tank or directly from a keg).

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  • 15” PC Touch Screen w/ wall or desk mount swivel arm
  • 8.5 x 11 printed receipts of recipe application rates
  • KSi remote access for tech support
  • Ability to be tied into KSi SeedConnex data solution for advanced reporting, inventory control and access
  • Compatible with all brands of seed treater
  • Recipe based treatment control for up to 15 separate products
  • Recipe items can be setup to be applied by either oz/unit, mg AI / Seed or oz/100
  • Liquid stands can be setup as a slurry tank or directly drawing from a keg
  • Flow monitoring can be either volumetric (flow meter) or gravimetric (loss-in-weight)
  • Onboard SQL Database
  • Create and save recipes, customers and orders
  • View treatment transaction data
  • View historical accuracy and trends
  • Windows-based touch screen
  • Web browser accessibility
  • Microsoft Office accessibility for easy access to Microsoft Excel, etc.

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