Westrup Small-Scale Belt Grader

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The LA-BG small-scale belt grader is designed for separation of round from flat seeds – for instance vegetable seeds such as beet seeds and flower seeds such as primula and begonia seed.



  • Inlet with capacity shutter and vibrator feeder with start/stop and potentiometer.
  • Smooth PVC belt.
  • Transparent guard plate over the inlet section of the belt.
  • Manually adjustable belt speed.
  • Remote control for adjustment of belt inclination.
  • Outlet hopper for round product and end outlet hopper for other products; with manually adjustable product divider.
  • Motor for belt drive with built-in frequency converter, incl. start/stop and potentiometer.
  • Motor for vibrator feeder.

The machine is of steel construction.


  • Special belt to separate seeds with different types of surface (black soft belt)
  • Indented PVC belt (white)
  • Autotransformer for 110 V, 60 Hz

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