Westrup Small-Scale Aspirator

The LA – DUAL small – scale aspirator for batch operation is designed for separation of mixtures in two or three fractions according to the product’s aerodynamic characteristics in an air stream.


The LA-DUAL is very well suited for laboratory use as well as for small-scale production.


  • Inlet with open/close shutter and vibrator feeder with start/stop and potentiometer.
  • Aspiration chamber with manually adjustable distribution plate.
  • Frequency regulation of airflow.
  • Manually operated air valve and false air valve.
  • Inspection windows.
  • Two tight-fitting collecting drawers for light product and one collecting drawer for heavy product.
  • Built-on fan with filter sleeve and collecting glass.
  • Motor for fan.
  • Motor for vibrator feeder.

The machine is of steel construction.


  • Servo motor for valve; incl. potentiometer
  • In construction for continuous flow operation with rotary valves and servo motors , three bottomless collecting drawers and three outlets ( instead of tight – fitting collecting drawers)
  • Autotransformer for 110 V, 60 Hz

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