Westrup Small-Scale Brushing Machine For Organic Seed

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The LA-HO small-scale brushing machine is designed for batch or continuous processing of small volumes of seed s or grain prior to cleaning and grading processes.


The LA-HO brushing machine is mainly used for brushing the surface on different seeds and grain products (e.g. bunt on wheat, saponin from quinoa, and oats for horse feed). Dust and brushed off particles are removed by air at the bottom of the unit and the product is led out at the end of the mantle.


  • Inlet with capacity shutter and vibrator feeder.
  • One-section exchangeable mantle.
  • Air intake for aspiration in full length of the mantle.
  • Rotating shaft with two internally adjustable brushes or steel beaters.
  • Manually adjustable brushing degree.
  • Inspection window at outlet end.
  • Outlet with rotary valve for product from the end of the mantle.
  • Connection pipe for external aspiration system.
  • Control box.
  • Drive motor with frequency converter.

The machine is of steel construction.


  • Vacuum cleaner with collecting bucket
  • Autotransformer for 110 V, 60 H

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