Westrup PC 12-30 T/H Pre-Cleaner

The PC screen cleaner is designed for pre- or fine cleaning, grading, and calibration of a large variety of products

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The PC screen cleaner offers the below features: 

  • PC-600/-1000: Inlet with feeding valve with counterweight.
  • PC-1250/-1500: Inlet with feed roll with counterweight.
  • Screen section consisting of one sieveboat with 1 scalping screen layer and 1 sand screen layer; both screen layers with manually adjustable inclination of 4°, 6°, 8°, or 11°.
  • In total 4 screen segments with standard perforations above 2 mm; all screen segments with rubber ball cleaning.
  • One fixed front outlet and two side outlets, which can be placed on either side of the machine.
  • Fixed drive and motor.

The machine is of steel construction with sieveboat of waterproof laminated wood.


  • Sieveboat covering with aspiration spout
  • Sieveboat with 3 end outlets (instead of basic construction); Set – up 1: scalping outlet right, middle outlet fixed, sand outlet left; Set – up 2: scalping outlet left, middle outlet fixed, sand outlet right

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