NoroGard R150 Laboratory Seed Treater

NoroGard R150 Laboratory Seed Treater is ideally suited to determine production parameters prior to production. It’s a great fit for coating, incrustation and pelleting of seed and holds a capacity of 40 – 450 ml/batch.

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R150 is a laboratory seed treater designed for treating a wide range of seeds with a range of products, formulated as liquids, powders, flowables, slurries, gels, etc. It treats in batches up to 450 ml. 

The application time is manually operated and varies depending on the amount of product that is to be applied, and the type of seed to be treated. The R150 is provided with features to make the cleaning process more effortless. The use of air preassure is optional for each use, based on the type of seed treated at the time.

The R150 is approved for the European CE workers safety standard. 

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