NoroGard R20 Continuous Seed Treater

NoroGard R20 Continuous Seed Treater is a sophisticated choice for treatment of volume seeds and holds a capacity of 8 – 20 tons/hour. The R20 provides high application quality and stands for a reliable treater that is built to last for 20 years. It is easy to operate, demands very little maintenance and is easy to clean which saves both time and money.

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The R20 has a lot of things in common with the R15 and R24, except the capacity. The R20 holds a capacity of 8-20 tons/hour with a dosing rate of 100-1,000 ml per 100kg seed.

Furthermore, the seed treater offers a range of options to make the treater tailored to your needs. These options include a remote control cabinet with touch display and start/stop buttons, a powder feeding system, up to 4 dosing systems, an atomiser for premix of treatment liquids with water, and the possibility for customisation in order to treat grass seed.

The R20 is available in two levels of sophistication, fully automatic and ULD:

Fully automatic – The fully automatic options includes manual calibration of treater. It also provides recipe management of up to 99 recipes.
ULD – The ULD includes automatic calibration with continuous flow control of the dosing rates. It also provides recipe management with up to 99 recipes saved in the PLC.

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