NoroGard R300 Laboratory Seed Treater

NoroGard R300 Laboratory Seed Treater is designed for complex treatments to meet high demands regarding application quality, reliability, operator safety and economy. For use in the laboratory on a wide variety of applications. And equipped to meet your needs for dressing, incrustation, coating and pelleting. It is ideally suited to defining production parameters prior to production.

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NoroGard R300 is a reliable and easy to operate laboratory seed treater. It is easy to clean and suitable for coating as well as pelleting of seeds. And it operates quietly which is a great benefit for worker health and safety. It holds a compact design and performs at a capacity of 0,3 – 3,0 liter/batch.

R300 is a sophisticated seed treater for laboratory use, and offers a wide range of possibilities for treatment. It is also available with some options to further optimise it for individual needs. These options include an adjustable shelf, a powder feeding system and 1-2 dosing systems for pumping liquids automatically.

The NoroGard R300 Laboratory Seed Treater is available in two variations depending on how sophisticated you want it to be:

Manual – The manual R300 comes with a simple control panel allowing to start and stop the treater whilst dosing and calibrations are done manually.
Fully automatic – The fully automatic R300 allows for 1-2 dosing systems as well as a powder feeder. This means dosing are done automatically based on settings made in the panel.

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