NoroGard R45 Continuous Seed Treater

NoroGard R45 is a sophisticated continuous seed treater with a capacity of 18-45 tons/hour and a dosing rate of 50 – 1200ml/100kg seed. The NoroGard Continuous Seed Treaters are recommended for production of volume seeds. The treaters has an even flow of both seeds and the treating liquids that is continuously measured.

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NoroGard R45 is a reliable and user-friendly seed treater with large capacity of up to 45 tons/hour, high application quality, little need for maintenance and is easy to clean. Furthermore, the R45 can be connected and monitored through any mobile device. This way statistics can be easily accessed and the treater can be controlled from anywhere.

R45 also comes with a range of options to further customise it for individual needs. These options includes a remote control cabinet with touch panel and start/stop button, extra dosing systems (maximum 10 systems), a powder feeding system, extra mixing tube, and a hectolitre weigher.

The R45 is available as a fully automatic plc or a ULD plc.

Fully automatic – The fully automatic R45 demands manual calibration however includes recipe management of up to 99 recipes.
ULD – The ULD plc for R45 comes with automatic calibration and continuous flow control of dosing rates, as well as recipe management of up to 99 recipes.

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