NoroGard R534 Batch Seed Coater

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A batch seed treater with capacity of up to 3.5 tons per hour, ideal for vegetable seeds and suitable for coating as well as pelleting.



Designed for complex treatments to meet high demands regarding application quality, reliability, operator safety and economy. Equipped to meet your needs for dressing, incrustation, coating and pelleting of seeds with diameter minimum 2 mm. Easy operated and controlled with an automatic PLC system. 

The R534 is available in three different variations, depending how manual or sophisticated you prefer your treater to be operated:

Manual – The manual R534 is equipped with a pre hopper and is then operated by manually weighing and feeding the treater, as well as operating the outlet.
Fully Automatic – The fully automatic R534 is equipped with an integrated scale, automatic dosing and is operated through a sophisticated PLC system.
ULD – ULD is designed with a continuous flow control in the dosing systems which enables automatic control of dosing during operation.

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