NoroGard R800 Batch Seed Treater

The R800 Batch Seed Treater is equipped for a capacity of up to 15 tons per hour and designed to treat seeds even to the small size of 2 mm in diameter. Making the R800 a reliable treater for quality application for dressing, incrustation, coating and pelleting of seeds.



The R800 Batch Seed Treater can treat up to 80 liters of seed per batch and is equipped with an integrated scale, varied mixing time, recipe management of up to 99 recipes, varied speed of rotor and spinning disc, etc..

The R800 can be tailored to your needs from a list of options, allowing for up to 10 separate dosing systems,  powder application systems, air drying systems, pre-mixing stations and an added remote control box with a touch screen. We want you to get the most out of your seed treater as possible!

Many of our seed treaters are available with two different options for the plc. Either what we call the fully automatic, or the ULD. Depending on how sophisticated you like your treater to be.

Fully automatic – The fully automatic plc includes the NoroGard software with recipe management and manual calibration.
ULD – The ULD plc includes automatic calibration and automatic flow control, managed through the NoroGard software for recipe management.

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