Westrup SD 50-150 T/H Pre-Cleaner

The SD mid range modular cleaner is a very versatile cleaner applicable for many cleaning purpose.

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The machine is excellent for pre-cleaning purposes at intake plants and also suitable for dressing of malting barley.

The SD modular cleaner offers the below basic features:

  • Feeding section in construction with feed roll.
  • Pre-aspiration channel with fixed depth.
  • Aspiration chamber with one screw.
  • Final aspiration channel with fixed depth.
  • Screen section consisting of one sieveboat with fixed screen inclination.
  • Air valves with servo motor for remote control.
  • Motors with PTC sensor prepared for frequency converter.

The machine is of steel construction with sieveboat of laminated wood.


  • Vibrator feeder
  • Pre -aspiration channel with variable depth
  • Aspiration chamber with common pre- and final aspiration and one screw
  • Final aspiration channel with variable depth
  • Screen section enclosed with doors
  • Adjustable screen inclination
  • Interlock screen system
  • Quick change screens
  • Illumination in final aspiration

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