Snyder Stainless Steel IBC Containers


The Snyder Supertainer is used to store N-Serve products from DOW Chemical. Complete with a 2″ check valve, a 2″ locking ball valve, and a 2″ male dry-break, this mini bulk container is the perfect solution for flammable materials and/or chemicals requiring extreme cleanliness.

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Snyder N-Serve Tanks come with a 2″ stainless steel check valve, a 2″ stainless steel locking ball valve and a 2″ stainless steel male dry-break and manual vent. Tank equiped with 2-1/2″ male camlock. MD20D (SOLD SEPERATELY) required to extract the product. Snyder steel IBCs are the perfect bulk handling solution for a variety of applications. Fabricated with some of the most sophisticated IBC manufacturing automation, steel IBCs can be configured to meet the most stringent design requirements. Applications involving flammable materials high temperature exposure (> 140° F) or extreme cleanliness requirements are ideally suited for steel IBCs.

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