Sotera 2" Veederoot Meter (LEGAL FOR RESALE)


Stainless Steel meter with Veederoot Registers

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Fill-Rite Precision Meters provides solutions for metering and pumping LPG in stationary and mobile applications. From bobtails to bulk plants the Fill-Rite meters have provided safe and accurate measurement for custody transfer.

Features & Benefits
15 – 100 GPM
350 PSI at 100°F
Bolted companion flanges with 2 NPT port standard
Linearity +/-0.6%
Repeatability +/-0.24%
Only two moving parts
No metal to metal contact in chamber or bearings
Electronic = Gland-less meter
Patented ‘Wave Form’ oval gear design
Low differential pressure for maximum flow

The meters are the standard in the Rotary Positive Displacement meter category. The accuracy and repeatability make this ideal for any environment. The unique oval gear design allows for compact mounting with minimal piping. The modular design allows flexibility in assembly for either mechanical registration or glandless pulse output to a variety of electronic counters, controllers or signal conditioners.

When measuring the flow of a broad range of products, Sotera’s innovative meter design results in minimal resistance to flow. That means efficient performance and low pressure drop across the meter. Sotera’s combination of low pressure drop with minimum seal or slippage area offers better accuracy over a wide range of flow than other commercially produced meters. Simplicity in design and high-quality materials and manufacturing practices make Sotera meters more reliable and less costly to operate than other meters. In many cases, you can replace your existing meter with a Sotera meter with minimal disruption to system piping and components.

Made in the USA.

Meter calibration is on page 18-19 of the meter manual.

Additional information

Weight22.25 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 8 in





Stainless Steel


2 Year

Installation, Operation, and Parts Manual

Installation, Operation & Parts Manual 2 inch Sotera

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