Welcome to E-quip

What is FarmChem E-quip?

E-quip is a new digital tool that will save Ag Retailers time and energy on replacement parts for bulk pumps, mini bulk pumps and meters.

Android E-quip Instrictions


iPhones cameras include a setting to allow your camera to scan QR codes and provide a pop-up text box for the website you are trying to reach. When using E-quip, make sure it points to shop.farmchem.com.

Android E-quip Instrictions


Samsung cameras include a setting to automatically read QR Codes. Enable this feature and tap the text when it asks if you want to visit shop.farmchem.com.

Add to Cart

On the exploding diagram, zoom in to find the part and then add to cart.

Why is E-quip better?

Traditionally, ordering replacement parts requires the product manual, searching for the relevant part numbers, and finding a vendor that sells the part you need at a good price. E-quip eliminates the need for all the above and ensures your replacement parts will fit your pump model. We put stickers on all our pumps to make it easy for you.

Do I need an E-quip QR Sticker?

No. When you scan the QR Sticker, it eliminates the possibility of ordering replacement parts for a different pump. If you know the part number, simply visit shop.catalog.com and type the part number into search in the top navigation bar.

Is it better just to order all my pumps from FarmChem?

Yes. Yes it is.